Company Manager Word

Saleh Bin Abdullah Al Salman & Sons Co. is a family company established in the 1980s as an individual institution founded by our father Sheikh Saleh bin Abdullah Al Salman, may God have mercy on him. The first was in the field of selling building materials and then in the real estate field. The company needed the area to be suitable for visitors to Qassim was Salman Hotel is the first choice for visitors to provide distinguished services at a high level and the projects of the company Salman, the establishment of the latest bakery machines German lines were the first in the Kingdom and continued to develop bakeries to serve all the region Until the arrival of the Bakeries Salman to be one of the largest bakeries mechanism of modernity and quality in the Middle East and then rolled the company's fields to keep pace with the economic growth was established Alslman Agriculture, which was one of the leading institutions in that area was the first Saudi institutions that imported central devices and silos and pumps, The agricultural field to the world of modern technology The company continued to provide the best projects in a distinctive way Alsalam for printing, which has become the largest and best printing presses for the modern machines and the integration of printing types of paper - plastic - The largest pharmacy in the Qassim region that group pharmacies now offer a complementary service high level. In order to continue the success of the company in diversifying the commercial field, Salman Shopping has opened as the latest supermarket offering excellent services in the region to integrate all food supplies under one roof The company's headquarters in Buraidah have a branch of the company's general management in Riyadh, which supervises the company's business and commercial investments.

Suleiman bin Saleh
Chairman of the Board of Directors